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PLEASE NOTE: Within the next couple months, Amazon will be disabling a lot of the functionality that Next Read uses. Specifically, functions like Listmania browsing and List downloading from Amazon will cease to work. Due to this fact, we have decided to make Next Read free for the next couple months. Once Amazon disables the functionality, we will then be removing Next Read from the iTunes Application Store. Your copy of Next Read will still be able to keep local lists, perform searches, and track your suggestions. However, we cannot promise that this functionality will always remain enabled, that is why we have opted to remove the application. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers - it saddens us to have to remove Next Read as we have genuinely enjoyed providing you the application and interacting with you on a day to day basis.

So there you are, standing in the aisle at the book store, trying to remember what books your friends suggested that you should read. Maybe you wrote them down on a piece of paper, maybe you use the Notes application to keep track, maybe you just try and remember.

Enter Next Read, an elegant, easy to use application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Never leave home without having your book list right in your pocket.

  • Fast Amazon based search lets you quickly search for books.
  • Weighted scoring system lets you rank books by the value of suggestions.
  • Recommendation sources are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor your own scoring system.
  • Share lists with other Next Read users over WiFi or anyone else by sending them a list via email.
  • Shake Search makes it easier to find books you might be interested in.
  • Quick Add allows you to enter a book quickly right when you hear about it. The details can be refreshed later.
  • Take notes on each book in your list.
  • Browse Listmania lists that contain books in your lists.
  • Clean, simple layout lets you get the facts fast.

With Next Read you can easily add and search for books when you hear about them, and then view your list when you are out shopping for books. Simple and fast.

When you hear about a book, search for it. Then select your source - where you heard about the book. Perhaps you heard about it from a friend, a family member, or a podcast. Your source selection weights, or scores, the book. Each recommendation type can be weighted individually, making the scoring system entirely customizable. I bet your Uncle Ron always recommends the best books ever - we’ll assign him a 5 - his recommendations will always float to the top.

Next Read is not just for books suggested to you. You can also keep all those books you have been checking out, organized, with Next Read's convenient list features. Keep a list for a topic you are trying to learn more about, or a list for books that caught your eye at the store, whatever suits your needs. Lists can also be imported from public Amazon lists or even from a friend over WiFi. You can also email a list to a friend for ultimate flexibility.

If you are an avid reader who has been searching for a way to manage your book list, check out Next Read.

Which book will you read next?

This application searches the US version of Amazon for books. Entered search terms must be in English.
This application requires iPhone /iPod Touch Software version 2.2. Make sure you upgrade before attempting to install Next Read.